PostHeaderIcon And The Master TweetAWiner 2010 is…

If the “Oranje” lost the world cup final he is the winner of the first Master TweetAWiner challenge with 52 Notes… He is @wijntweet!

He’s blog will open soon so follow his tweets to be aware of the go live. @wijtweet is also one of our testers for one of our widget and so you are able to see his notes on his blog

In second position, @WorldWineTaste alias Loic. We shared together some of his 41 notes and some of mine ;-)

And the bronze medal goes to @vderu (Vincent Deruelle) who shared and let us dream with some Yquem, Romanée Conti, etc…

I would like to give you all TweetAWiners a very big “Thank U” and hope to read a lot of your notes in 2011 and maybe get some of the 2011 trophies.

In 2011 there will be a lot of new features and challenges on TweetAWine:
- TweetAWine v2 in March with a new engine
- Finale versions of our widgets for bloggers, wineries, etc.
- And a lot of other surprises for all of you

And before that the complete Top10:
1. @wijntweet
2. @WorldWineTaste
3. @vderu
4. @irwt_fr
5. @MichelVinodis
6. @HeleneWorldWine
7. @Gerdami
8. @saraxlacroix
9. @bjeanbart
9. @RodolpheMathus
9. @freddieAmrouni

So let’s go for this new year and the new challenges

One Response to “And The Master TweetAWiner 2010 is…”

  • Wijntweet says:

    It´s been a pleasure…hope the first place doesn´t mean I drank too much in 2010 ;-) . Happy new year and happy tasting everyone, santé!

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