PostHeaderIcon TweetAWine with Facebook using #levin20 webapp

Especially for the #levin20 event in Paris we decided to present our new app engine

Before now you only had one way to post your notes on the web with TweetAWine… using Twitter.

From now, with the new app engine you will be able to post your notes also with Facebook

And before giving these way available for anyone, we decided to create a special application for the web & wine event of this end of year: Le Vin 2.0

All people will join the Live tasting the 8th of december will be able to connect through Facebook or Twitter, using the special app and then post their comment about wine available for the tasting session.

Then, if you will connect using your Facebook account the wine notes will be published:
1. On your Facebook wall
2. On the #FBWineNotes twitter timeline
and later
3. On TweetAWine

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